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To the producers of Japan, striving to bring joy to the masses throughout its changing seasons: With needs expanding in countries across the globe, we want to answer the call with successful stories of export together with you all. We ask those with the will to join us in forming this community to take their first step here. The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries offers you its full support.


About GFP

Producers not for 100 million, but 10 billion
The Global Farmers / Fishermen / Foresters / Food Manufacturers Project (GFP) is a project promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, exporting goods from Japan's agricultural, forestry and fishery businesses.

Producers of agriculture and fishing, forestry and food; sellers such as trading companies and distributors; and finally, the government. All of these must join together as one to engage in export. This is why we created the GFP: To build a community out of the country's spirited producers, and evaluate them to provide the necessary and optimal information for them. By aiding the formation production areas and networking fellow traders, we create actual export success stories.
Why Export Now?
The population of Japan is to dip close to 100 million people by 2050. And yet, the global population will be close to 10 billion. Every day, Japan requires more foodstuffs from overseas. Now is the time to send Japan's brands all over the world.

The GFP Community

Unlike domestic shipping, exports have the hurdles of various procedures, regulations and languages, as well as unique distribution channels, making it difficult for individual players to see continuous results.
In order to overcome such issues, we offer a service for individual players to find business partners and engage as intermediaries in negotiations.
In addition, authorities, JETRO and others join forces to provide one-stop support for initiatives in these communities.

The GFP Community The GFP Community

Over 3,000 members have already joined our community. You can view some of these members here.

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Six Services of GFP

Registering with the GFP Community site provides access to a variety of services.

  • 01Export Exam / Visit Exam

    Together with JETRO and export experts, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries goes directly to production sites to evaluate the possibility of export at no charge.
  • 02Member Content

    Each member can submit their products or services onto their GFP site My Page, and contact appealing business partners. More information
  • 03Product Requests

    This services allows export trading companies to submit product requests based on on-site needs, leading to negotiations with producers.
  • 04Global Production Area Promotion Business

    These businesses support the formation of production areas engaging in export initiates with proactive strategies suitable to the needs and regulations of export destinations.
  • 05Social Gatherings / Seminars

    We hold a diverse array of events, including information exchanges, social gatherings, and seminars for acquiring knowledge.
  • 06Information Transmission

    We send member-only e-mails, send GFP-related information on Facebook, and share messages from GFP members.

About Member Content

The community site offering GFP services is exclusive to our members,
but free registration to the site offers access to all of the following services at no charge.
We invite you to put your export business to use here.

  • 1Show off your company's
    products and services
    on My Page
    Show off your company's products and services on My Page

    Advertise your products or services to our over 3,070* members. You can even contact members that pique your interest directly.

  • 2Business networking
    support via notice board
    Business networking support via notice board

    Members looking to buy or sell can make or receive applications. You can also recruit for and apply to events, support related to export through the notice board.

  • 3Members-only information
    useful for export
    Members-only information useful for export

    We offer lists of site links supporting export, as well as the real and relevant information provided by enthusiastic GFP members.